How to Appreciate Employees with a Well-Executed Holiday Party

What do you remember about the last company event you attended? Were you more excited about the cheesy prizes or your coworkers’ endless speeches? Maybe it was the drive out to the middle of nowhere.

A poorly-planned holiday party is a very expensive missed opportunity for an organization. These kind of ill-fated events can actually leave employees feeling underwhelmed at best and completely unappreciated at worst.

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By Susan Snipes on November 07, 2018

How to Evaluate and Hire Remote Workers

“Great talent is everywhere, and not everyone wants to move to San Francisco” write Basecamp co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson in Remote, published five years ago in 2013. That’s a veritable lifetime ago in Internet years.

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By Anna Lewis on October 31, 2018

3 Powerful Ways to Define Your Unique Employer Brand

Every company has its own "special sauce."

By highlighting your organization’s distinguishing characteristics and telling personal stories about the people on your team, you can develop a strong employer brand that helps your organization attract, engage, and retain stellar talent and win loyal customers. 

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By Maja Orsic on October 17, 2018

The Modern Workplace: Mastering Communication and Collaboration

 Workforces are more distributed than ever.

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By Sean Spicer on October 03, 2018

3 Simple Ways to Inspire Your Team Every Week

To inspire your team is to motivate them to do their job well, enjoy what they’re doing, and feel excited about the direction of your company and their role within it. As a leader, keeping your team inspired is an important responsibility, especially during turbulent or challenging times.

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By Jessica Thiefels on September 26, 2018

How to Explore, Nurture, and Evolve an Amazing Company Culture

Studies show that if an organization’s workforce isn’t positively engaged, nearly half of their employees will search for another job. Workplace culture has a strong effect on many facets of the employee experience, including happiness, efficiency, creativity, and turnover.

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By Maddie Davis on September 20, 2018

How to Hold Productive and Enjoyable Meetings

We all know the feeling: It’s 11:25 am, and you’re just getting immersed in your most challenging work.

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By Elle Mason on September 05, 2018

Using the Positivity Ratio to Improve Team Performance

Business leaders spend countless time, money, and energy searching for the secret ingredient of high-performing teams. Conventional wisdom suggests the best teams are those with the smartest, most talented individuals. However, that’s not the case.

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By Josh Vaisman on August 21, 2018

Delivering Employee Recognition the Right Way

As we pointed out in our recognition guide, many organizations are failing at employee engagement. In fact, 68% of US employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged.

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By Susan Snipes on August 08, 2018

Tips on Becoming a "Best Place to Work"

Being acknowledged as a Best Place to Work is an esteemed distinction for any company, and getting there is more straightforward than you’d think. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness our company be named a Best Place to Work by multiple publications. In this article, I'll share a few steps you can take to achieve similar results.

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By Jennifer Barnes on July 25, 2018