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Laura Saracho
Laura Saracho

We host a lot of awesome conversations with HR leaders and other experts in the employee engagement space. Check out our upcoming webinars below!

Upcoming webinars

How Individuals Build Resilience in the Workplace

Organizations need resilient employees, but how can employees build resilience in times of uncertainty and discomfort?

During this webinar, Bonusly will team up with customer Lamar Nava of Betts Recruiting, to explore the ways organizations can help empower their employees to be more resilient, by providing a sense of purpose, progress and belonging at work. The discussion will include real-life examples and tangible solutions for organizations and people leaders who want to help their teams become more resilient.

The Role of the Employee Experience in an Uncertain Economy

With the current state of the economy and seemingly endless organizational changes across some of the largest names in tech, employees are on edge. What is our best tool against low morale, burnout, and disengagement? An exceptional employee experience.

Building an employee experience and culture that gives your employees something to believe in is non-negotiable today. Amanda Bowen, People Operations Manager at Sora, and Eunice Cho, People Partner & Talent Development Programs Lead at Bonusly, share some of their staples for reflecting their appreciation and building resilience within their organizations.

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