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Laura Saracho

We host a lot of awesome conversations with HR leaders and other experts in the employee engagement space. Check out our upcoming webinars below!

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A recent study by Deloitte revealed that 68% of employees and 81% of C-Suite leaders said improving their well-being is more important than advancing their careers. Despite this interest in well-being, company leaders are facing obstacles when it comes to advocating for wellness resources and implementing programs.

So how can you build a culture that supports both your employees’ and your own well-being? Join Bob Hamer, Director of ClassPass Corporate Wellness Program, and Namaste Reid, Bonusly Data Engineering Manager, as we explore the intersection of work and well-being and what you can do to help chart a path forward towards happier, healthier teams.

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A PwC survey shows that 44% of employees who worked remotely in the past two years say it has become harder to connect with coworkers, while 42% say their company culture has improved in the same time period. What does this mean, and how are culture, connection, and engagement in the workplace connected?

Join Bonusly’s VP of People Operations, Vicki Yang, and Gable’s CEO, Liza Mash Levin, to discuss how People Ops managers can keep employees flexible, happy, and engaged in the distributed workplace. Our experts will share insights and data that shows employees love remote work, but still crave human connection and tips on how your company can achieve both.

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Originally published on August 26, 2022 → Last updated September 13, 2022

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