The Value of Visible Employee Recognition

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George Dickson
George Dickson

One of the most valuable things leaders can provide for their team is timely, specific, and genuine recognition for a job well done.

Taking time to thank colleagues for their hard work produces a lasting effect on employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Managers are increasingly aware of this and the effect it ultimately has on a company's bottom line.

Organizations across the world are placing more emphasis on building a recognition-rich culture in order to experience the far-reaching benefits that type of culture provides. Despite this promising evolution in leadership practices, many are still neglecting a small but important element of this recognition that can massively impact its effectiveness: visibility.

There are countless ways to make recognition more visible throughout a company. You don't need to shake the foundations of your organization or make fundamental changes to the way you approach work to start benefitting from more visible employee recognition.

It's easy enough to start small, and add elements of this strategy piece by piece. Here are a couple suggestions we shared in a recent LinkedIn Pulse post:

Bring it to meetings.

Most of us don't look forward to long meetings. One of the best ways to break that tedium and energize the participants is to start by sharing some recognition.

Just a few minutes of positive feedback amongst colleagues can get any meeting started off on the right foot. Since the recognition you're giving is visible to everyone in the meeting, there's a good chance other attendees will learn of some great contributions they may have missed otherwise.

Give it a permanent home.

Give recognition a permanent place in your company's culture, and a place in your office environment. This can be a physical space or a digital space. Your imagination is the only limit — the more fun you have with it, the more engaging and effective it will be.

The team at Tripit, from Concur, makes employee recognition visible by projecting their Bonusly feed on a big screen in one of their common areas.

Get some tools.

Adopting tools to make recognition more visible will not only help break down the barriers that stand in the way of regular, visible employee recognition — it can help expand its reach, and ease adoption.

There are several employee recognition tools available. Some can even leverage the recognition being given to provide useful insights into your team. Since some of these tools aren't free, it's important to ask:

Can I track the effectiveness of this program?
Make sure that any tool you choose provides a method of tracking how well it's working. Otherwise, you may be paying for functionality you don't need.

If you're ready to start building a culture of visible employee recognition in your company, you can sign up for a free trial of Bonusly and see how it fits.

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Originally published on May 06, 2015 → Last updated August 24, 2019

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