Employee Turnover

The True Cost of Employee Turnover

By Raphael Crawford-Marks on July 27, 2014

We’ve cultivated a system in which employees who are loyal to their companies are financially punished and those who jump ship every few years are financially rewarded.

The cause? Well, one culprit is certainly antiquated HR tactics that only allows raises as a certain percentage of the employee’s current salary, regardless of external market conditions. Others argue that employers are not equipped to rapidly promote, develop, and reward their employees in ways that aren’t simply monetary.

But regardless of the reason, what this information exposes is a fundamental lack of understanding about what employee turnover really costs an organization.

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Written by Raphael Crawford-Marks

Raphael Crawford-Marks

Raphael is co-founder and CEO of Bonusly, where his focus is on creating a work environment that enables the Bonusly team to thrive.