What company values and recognition can teach us about employee engagement

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Maja Orsic
Maja Orsic

Company values were stress tested in 2020! People around the world called on employers to publicly denounce racial injustice and remedy their toxic company cultures.

To get a better sense of how Bonusly customers' company cultures evolved in 2020, we compared the most popular Company Value Hashtags set by Bonusly admins to the values that users recognized most often. The results were very encouraging:

2020's most popular values by Bonusly hashtag. Set by companies: teamwork, leadership, problem solving, innovation, customer service, vision, integrity, collaboration, passion, excellence. Recognized by users: teamwork, collaboration, thank you or thanks, leadership, problem solving, execution, excellence, passion, integrity, customer serviceDo you see how #collaboration ranked eighth among companies but second among Bonusly users? 🤩 Bonusly admins can track these kinds of trends with Bonusly Analytics, getting insight into the company values their employees exhibit often and value the most.

Screenshot of Bonusly Recognition module: Bonuses given, bonuses received, points given, unique hashtags used
Because Bonusly makes recognition posts visible to everyone in your organization, company values become widely visible, as well. Values-aligned recognition helps people see how their work and their colleagues' work contributes to a bigger picture.


To find out why values-aligned recognition is so effective, read How do I build a successful employee recognition program? And don't miss this article, Why employee recognition is crucial to inclusion, to understand how employee recognition supports diversity and inclusion efforts. Check out our full annual product data report if you're curious about how Bonusly helped motivate employees around the world during an especially challenging year.

To learn more about how Bonusly can help you develop and reinforce your company values in 2021, request a demo with our sales team!

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Originally published on January 29, 2021 → Last updated January 29, 2021

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