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It's the Summer of Swag! Bonusly and AXOMO simplify employee swag rewards

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Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy

Bust out your branded beach towel. Dust off your logoed water bottle! The launch of Bonusly's integration with AXOMO means it's officially the Summer of Swag. 😎🏖️☀️ 

Bonusly and AXOMO now have an integration that makes it easy for Bonusly customers to offer company swag in their Bonusly Reward Catalog.* 

Animated GIF with a Bonusly-branded t-shirt and tote bag being danced in front of a multicolored background

By default, the international Bonusly Reward Catalog features an extensive selection of instantly available digital gift cards, prepaid card and cash-out options, and charity donations.

When you connect your company's AXOMO store to the Bonusly Reward Catalog, you can offer company-branded swag in addition to the usual reward choices, giving your employees loads of fun items to choose from.

Why use Bonusly + AXOMO?

Bonusly and AXOMO are powerful additions to your HR toolkit. When you connect Bonusly's fun and easy recognition and rewards platform to AXOMO's comprehensive swag management and rewards platform, you and your employees will enjoy a simpler end-to-end swag rewards experience.

🔁 Swag, rinse, repeat

When you connect your company’s AXOMO store to the Bonusly Reward Catalog, your employees can redeem their Bonusly points for swag they’ll love. AXOMO manages order fulfillment, creating a stress-free process for rewards admins. 

🎁 Swag smarter, not harder

Let them choose it so they’ll use it! With AXOMO’s extensive swag options, you can offer your employees an array of stylish, high-quality swag right in your Bonusly Reward Catalog. 


🧹 Clear that clutter

AXOMO’s on-demand production services make it easy to retire unpopular swag items and introduce new ones. In addition to handling on-demand production and domestic and international shipping, AXOMO can store pre-made inventory for you, freeing up your storage closet and shrinking fulfillment times.

Chat with a Bonusly sales rep to learn more about Bonusly, our Reward Catalog, and other integrations. 

Why company swag?

People love swag! 💚 Believe us, we asked!

Summer of Swag Survey Result Header-1

To celebrate our new integration, we asked 300 full-time employees around the US how they really feel about company swag. Here’s what they shared.

Over half of the people we surveyed (58%) said they like getting branded swag from their employers. Only 13% responded that they don’t want more stuff.

Bonusly asked 300 full-time employees in the US if they like getting branded swag from their companies. 58.2% said "Yes! Give me all of the things free and branded," 28.4% said "I could take it or leave it," and 13.4% said "No, I don't need more stuff"

Here's a case for letting employees choose their own swag: 22% of our survey respondents use only about half of the swag they receive and 7% use none of it. 

Bonusly asked 300 full-time employees in the US how much company swag they use. 17% said "ALL of it!" 22% said "About half" and 7% said "None"

Want to know what swag to stock (or not?) Our survey respondents labeled tech accessories, clothes, and backpacks & bags the most desirable. Their least favorite items were stickers & patches, fitness gear, and water bottles.

Bonusly asked 300 full-time employees in the US what their favorite company swag is. They answered tech accessories, clothes, and backpacks & bags.Bonusly asked 300 full-time employees in the US what their least favorite company swag is. They answered stickers and patches, fitness gear, and water bottles.

If you're looking for swag inspiration, we asked folks about the most random swag they ever received. Branded plywood or vacuum, anyone? 😅

Bonusly asked 300 full-time employees in the US what the most random swag they ever received was. They answered: slap bracelet, tobacco, compass, whistle, vacuum, easy button, jumper cables, plywood, alarm clock, chicken, and dog dish.

Swag or no swag, we have a big list of creative employee reward ideas to spark your imagination and motivate your employees. A lot of them are budget conscious, so you can start small and work your way up!

Ready, set, get your swag on

Bonusly Pro customers, you can set up your AXOMO integration right away. If your company is on the Bonusly Core plan and you'd like to upgrade to Pro to integrate with AXOMO, you can do that yourself and reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact our Support team for assistance.

Not a Bonusly customer yet but want to be? Schedule a chat with a sales rep to get started. 💚👕

Meet our fun and intuitive recognition program

*You must be a Bonusly customer and an AXOMO customer in order to integrate the two platforms. If you're new to AXOMO, use this link (or our referral code, "BONUSLY") to get a discount on your platform fees.

Originally published on August 19, 2021 → Last updated September 2, 2021

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