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Announcing Sounds of Gratitude!

Written by
Ben Travis
Ben Travis

Have you ever wondered what recognition sounds like? There are a lot of answers, but we wanted to try something different.

Over the past few years, I've noticed some fascinating uses of data as digital art, an experience that's even more magical when it happens in real time! That's why I'm especially excited to announce Sounds of Gratitude, a data visualization and sonification project that lets users see and hear appreciation in real time, all powered by Bonusly.

Each animation and sound represents a real message of appreciation as it occurs, a reminder of the positive interactions that happen all around us each day. Built during a Bonusly hackathon by Max and myself, Sounds of Gratitude displays visuals and emits sounds in a melodic and calming manner. I love playing it in the background while I work, knowing that every note is a representation of the gratitude we encourage every day!


We were inspired by other projects, like Listen to Wikipedia, Github Audio, and BitListen, and created Sounds of Gratitude just in time for Thanksgiving.

Our goal for this project is to inspire everyone who experiences it to think more positively about the world, realizing how much appreciation happens all around us and giving them an opportunity to think about ways to appreciate others around them. It's also easily accessible on pretty much any device and has both light or dark mode.


We invite you to visit Sounds of Gratitude to experience real-time recognition from around the world via Bonusly! Have any thoughts? Share them in the comments or tag us on social media!



Originally published on November 25, 2019 → Last updated November 25, 2019

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Ben Travis

Ben is the Marketing Manager at Bonusly. With a passion for employee experience and a background in digital strategy, he uses data to drive organizational impact.


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