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Announcing ✨Small Delights✨

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Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy

Not all product releases need to be huge to be impactful. 😎

This year, our product team added what we're calling Small Delights to Bonusly's roadmap. Small Delights are a collection of improvements to existing Bonusly features based on direct customer feedback. Our goal with these Small Delights is to help our users get the most out of Bonusly!

We had a number of Small Delights come out in Q1. Check them out below. And keep an eye on this post as we'll add additional Small Delights as they are released.  

Add a URL to a Claimable Award 🔗

Many of our customers use our Claimable Award functionality to customize Bonusly and incentivize employee actions. With this Small Delight, we've made it easier to connect Bonusly to broader company initiatives with new URL capabilities in Claimable Awards. Add an external link to share more context about Awards and create a cohesive employee experience for company activities. 🙌

Updated feature name for Automated Awards 🤖

Goodbye bots, hello awards! Our Work, Birthday, and Welcome Awards make it super easy to recognize employee milestones with an automated award. We used to call these awards "bots." We got feedback that the term 'bots' feels a bit impersonal so we updated Automated Awards to be called just that, Awards! Bonusly recognition should always feel personal! 💚


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Originally published on March 31, 2022 → Last updated March 31, 2022

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