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Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy

Signals just keeps getting better! This summer we launched our employee feedback feature, Signals. Signals makes it super easy to gather, understand, and act on employee feedback.

(Need a Signals Refresher? Check out our interactive tour.) 

Today, we added a new feature to Signals that makes our survey analytics even more powerful and actionable. Signals users can now view and filter Signals survey results by employee role, location, tenure, and more to gain insights and identify trends on employee engagement and satisfaction. 

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This is a simple, but powerful update, especially when used in conjunction with some of our other key Signals features. For example: 

Scenario 1: You administer your quarterly engagement survey and notice that scores for "I would recommend this company as a place to work" have gone up! Go you! 🎉 Not one to rest on your laurels, you start filtering the data by location and notice that scores in the Denver office are particularly high. A little more filtering uncovers the high scores are primarily in the product and engineering teams. You schedule a meeting with the product and engineering team managers to see what they are doing to drive their high scores so you can share that knowledge across your company. 

Scenario 2: You send out the wellness survey, hoping to get some feedback on your company's wellness offerings for your 2022 benefits planning. In addition to this feedback, you also see alarmingly low scores for the "I feel overwhelmed with my workload" and "I am often anxious at work" questions. Using Bonusly Signals' new filters, you notice that the lowest scores are attributable to folks that have direct reports. You schedule a meeting with your leadership team to discuss how you can better support your managers and get them the resources they need to better balance their workloads. 

By combining survey results with unique employee data points, you can more easily identify trends, areas for improvement, and themes. This will lead to more specific action items to improve employee engagement and satisfaction. 

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