Namely + Bonusly: Seamless User Management

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George Dickson
George Dickson

Managing growth is easier with tools that evolve and expand with your needs.

Founded by Matt Straz in 2012, Namely is an exciting new HR platform that has already grown to serve companies in over 20 countries. With a focus on flexibility, intuitive design, and scalability, this modern end-to-end tool is taking the human resources management space by storm.

Companies like Vimeo, Birchbox, and Percolate have all chosen Namely as their HR platform.

Namely’s flexibility and broad range of tools make managing HR tasks much simpler and more effective. You can manage everything from payroll, to benefits, to talent management, social interactions, and reporting — all from Namely. This end-to-end approach earned Namely a place at many of the world’s most exciting companies, including several of our own users.

To make talent management even easier, we built an integration with Namely that enables companies to sync employee names, emails, and profile photos automatically into Bonusly.

(Learn about Bonusly's integration options here.)

This integration eliminates the need for any manual user management in Bonusly. When new users are added to Namely, all their profile information is automatically added to Bonusly without any admin action necessary. When a member is deactivated in Namely, they’re deactivated in Bonusly as well.

If you are a Namely user and haven’t set up the integration yet, check out this quick step-by-step guide to get started. You’ll be syncing users in less than four minutes. If you’re a Bonusly user and need a great tool to help manage your HR activities, schedule a quick demo with the Namely team.

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Originally published on April 22, 2015 → Last updated March 1, 2022

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