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Make recognition fun and get more done with Bonusly in Stride

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Maja Orsic
Maja Orsic

What’s your workflow? Ask any modern employee and you’ll get variations on a theme: workflows are a personal thing.

Multitasking isn’t effective but not multitasking can feel ineffective, too. When you’re managing long-term and short-term projects simultaneously, how do you get more done, do it well, and feel good about your progress?

Two things that have been proven to enhance productivity and innovation on teams are open communication and frequent recognition. That’s why, with enterprise messaging platforms changing the way we communicate in the workplace, we’re proud to offer a Bonusly integration with Stride, the business messaging platform launched by Atlassian earlier this year.

Tentative integration tagline:

We’re making recognition fun so you can get more done. 😎

When companies introduce Bonusly to their employees’ existing workflows, everyone can get in the habit of recognizing their peers with minimal discretionary effort. We’ve seen phenomenal engagement with Bonusly when customers integrate the recognition program with their chat and collaboration tools, so we’re eager to see how Stride users make Bonusly their own!

Let’s take a closer look at the new platform and our Bonusly integration, and what Atlassian’s team has to say about team communication.

Stride: “You have work to do, and we're here to help. We're a new kind of messaging that helps you talk less and do more.”

Stride's distinguishing features

Focus Mode

Stride’s Focus Mode feature, writes Chris Buttenham, founder of Obie, is an effective filter for those hours when you want to work uninterrupted.

Frequent “disruptions and distractions have the potential to significantly chip away at your productivity — the exact problem these tools promise to solve for us,” Buttenham explains in his review of Stride. “To me, Atlassian has done an excellent job at designing Stride with this in mind.”

Actions and Decisions

Outside of focused working sessions, there are some conversations you don’t want to set to mute.

With Stride’s Actions and Decisions feature, “you can isolate any message in a conversation, and mark it as an action or decision. These outcomes are saved under Highlights in your right sidebar for anyone to reference — whenever,” the Stride team explains.

In the same vein as adding labels to your emails, the action and decision markers can help you make your Stride workflow more personal. This feature seems like it could be especially useful for those of us who can’t seem to keep track of all our to-do lists. Ahem. 😜


Stride’s Marketplace is where our Bonusly app comes into the picture, so we’re especially fond of this feature!

Here’s what the Stride team has to say about employee recognition and showing the love:

“Your Stride team room is the perfect place to show your appreciation for a job well done. In fact, 66 percent of employees say they would quit if they didn’t feel appreciated at work. Expressing gratitude takes many forms, and our partners offer simple ways to make your teammates feel the love.”

With the Bonusly app for Stride, you can give bonuses to individuals and groups and easily keep up with recent bonuses; you can also view Achievements and learn who has the best bonus this week and who has received the most bonuses in the past month. Since you won’t need to visit bonus.ly unless you want to redeem for rewards, you can save that precious browser tab for something else.


“Now, when you want to recognize your teammates,” says Bonusly CEO Raphael Crawford-Marks, “you can quickly and easily give them a bonus in Stride. We’re excited that Bonusly users won’t have to leave their workflows in order to say thanks in an impactful way.”

If your team uses Stride but you haven't connected the Bonusly app yet, sign up for a free 30 day trial and check out this Help Center article for a step-by-step guide to installing the integration. It only takes a couple of minutes!

If you already use Bonusly and want to check out Stride for yourself, get started here.

See Bonusly in action, request a demo

Originally published on April 12, 2018 → Last updated May 2, 2019

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