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UPDATED: Introducing Bonusly Signals: Gather, understand, and act on employee feedback

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Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy

UPDATE: Bonusly Signals is now out of public beta and officially live! Read on to learn more about Signals and how to enable this new Bonusly product for your team. 😎

We all know employee engagement is important. And the best way to understand how your employees are feeling is to ask them. 

That’s easier said than done, right? The truth is, it’s hard to get GOOD feedback from your employees, whether they’re engaged or not.

Good employee feedback is feedback that’s authentic, thoughtful, actionable, and tied to your company’s goals and values. If this sounds familiar, that's because employee recognition is a type of feedback

Building on the success of our recognition solution, which has been rocking industry-high engagement rates for nine years 💪, we’re thrilled to launch Bonusly Signals and bring employee feedback gathering into our product.

Our mission at Bonusly is to help people connect with their work and each other in meaningful ways. Listening and responding to employee feedback is a natural extension of our Bonusly mission. 🎉

We designed Signals to help you: 

  • Build a culture of listening at your organization 
  • Enable leaders and managers to ask questions with confidence
  • Collect meaningful, high-quality feedback from employees with less fuss

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We caught up with Val Zolyak, the team lead on Signals, to hear how her perspective on employee feedback evolved during the Signals development process and learn about the features she’s working on next.

Hi, Val! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. 

Val: No problem. Happy to. 

First off, congratulations on the launch! Can you start off by telling us what your goal was when developing Signals? 

Val: In the first stage of development, we were looking at Signals as a tool to help leaders and managers capture employee sentiment and feedback. 

But when we were going through the naming process for the product, we had this lightbulb moment: what we were creating was so much more than a surveying tool. Surveying is a solved problem. The real value of running an employee engagement survey — or any kind of internal survey — is to be able to take meaningful actions based on the responses in order to improve employee engagement and experiences. 💡

And that is our goal with Signals — to improve engagement, not just measure it, by helping our users respond to the things that matter most to their employees.

What can users expect from Signals? 

Val: There are three main benefits users can expect from Signals: 

  1. Signals will help our users build a culture of listening. Bonusly’s recognition software is known for being fun and easy and we were deliberate about bringing that same user experience to Signals. We made it easy to set up and send a survey to all employees or specific teams. We built automated features that remind employees they have a survey to respond to.

    Employees that have a survey to take get reminders through email, Slack, Bonusly, and Bonusly’s recognition feed. And we made the survey-taking process easy for employees. Employees can respond to a survey within the same platform that they give recognition. This is an important feature. Our recognition solution has an 87% monthly participation rate and we expect to see some of this high engagement carry over to Signals.

  2. The second thing we set out to do was help our users ask questions with confidence. We wanted to make it easy for leaders and managers to ask the right questions so they get good feedback. To help with this, we built a template library that can be used when sending a Signal. We have also made our templates completely customizable so you can personalize questions existing templates or in a way that fits with your company culture and values or simply create new templates.

  3. Finally, we provide in-system guidance and best practices for both the question asker and the question taker. The Signals interface guides employees through the survey process, helping them tie responses to the things that are important to the company, whether it's a specific goal or company values. By providing this extra context, we expect that survey takers will give better, more actionable feedback. We also built in the option to incentivize additional feedback through Bonusly’s recognition system. 


What can we expect from Signals in the future? 

One of the big opportunities we see for Signals is using the networked nature of our data to help companies improve employee engagement. 

We sit on a really unique data set with Bonusly’s recognition solution. We know who employees are engaging with, what company values are being recognized most, and so much more. 

Our next big step will be exploring how we can tie this data into the feedback being gathered through Signals so we help analyze signals being sent within the context of the organization and start proactively identifying opportunities for action to improve employee engagement. 

Thanks for your time and congrats again on the launch! Can’t wait to see what’s next for Bonusly and Signals.


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Originally published on July 20, 2021 → Last updated July 21, 2021

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