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How peer recognition connects remote teams — even when we're apart

Written by
Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy

In 2020 Bonusly users connected with their peers more than 5.3 million times on our platform! 💪


Bonusly recognition increased by 34% in 2020, with a whopping total of 5,369,549 pieces of recognition given at a time when many of us were adapting to remote work. An increase in recognition makes sense during a year when hallway high-fives and desk-side hellos became impossible. 

But here’s where things get interesting. Manager-to-direct-report recognition increased in 2020, a finding we flagged earlier in the year in our COVID comparison data report. Our hypothesis: Bonusly has become an additional avenue for managers to communicate with their employees to acknowledge a job well done and to bring company-wide visibility to the work their team is accomplishing. (Check out our product tour to see how we enable this!)

Finally, work needs an element of fun to keep employees connected! 🎈GIFs and emoji have been part of the recognition giving experience on Bonusly for years.

Sometimes words aren’t enough to express joy or show gratitude, which is where a tada emoji 🎉 or a funny GIF can save the day. Emoji use in recognition posts increased by a whopping 149.24% in 2020! 📈 🥳 Our users added more than 1.6 million GIFs to recognition posts last year, as well. Having fun at work offers benefits like increasing innovation and generally lifting morale, which is especially needed in times like these.

We all want and need human connection right now and recognition is a really powerful tool for fostering this connection. We have a lot of resources, ideas, and tips on how to bring recognition, and all the accompanying benefits, to your company. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Check out more engagement and recognition data highlights in our annual product data report. 

Originally published on January 29, 2021 → Last updated August 12, 2021

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Helen Murphy

Helen previously drove product marketing strategy and processes for Bonusly.


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