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How Bonusly works around the world

Written by
Elisse Lockhart
Elisse Lockhart

Work life has become increasingly global, and many of our customers are located outside the United States or have teams around the world. Here are some ways that we recommend using Bonusly internationally to keep remote teams connected.

1. Import location data for your employees

There are a several great features in Bonusly that can enhance recognition for companies with multiple locations. When you're importing your users, make sure to include location data indicating which of your offices each employee is based at. This will make it easy to give recognition to entire offices, get insights into the participation trends by location, and pull reports for specific locations.



2. Customize your Reward Catalog

The catalog rewards vary from country to country, so make sure to check out which rewards are available in each of the countries where your company has offices. 


You can manage each country's catalog separately, so many of our multi-national customers also like to add different Custom Rewards for each of their catalogs. Adding these different Custom Rewards is a great way to ensure that each of your locations feel that the catalog is personally valuable. Think about popular local restaurants or other local experiences in addition to rewards that might be the same across countries, such as extra vacation time.
Learn more about custom rewards here

3. Encourage your team to use their own language

One of the great things about Bonusly is that the content on the site is driven primarily by your users. So whatever language they speak can be the language they use to give recognition. 


Let us know if you have specific questions about using Bonusly around the world!


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Originally published on October 10, 2017 → Last updated August 28, 2018

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Elisse Lockhart

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