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How Bonusly users support charitable work

Written by
Maja Orsic
Maja Orsic

To add to our celebrations of the International Day of Charity today, I want to highlight how our generous users support charitable work.

With Bonusly, recognizing your coworkers and receiving recognition from them makes you feel goodWhen meaningful employee rewards are tied to recognition, they can help you and your teammates get into the habit of recognizing each other.

Although Amazon.com and Sephora gift cards are popular rewards, users frequently spend their Bonusly earnings on charitable giving.

In the past year, 3.3 percent of all earnings redemptions were donations to nonprofits. While Habitat for HumanityWorld of ChildrenACLUGirls Who Code, and the American Red Cross are the most popular charities in the Bonusly Reward Catalog, our users choose to support more than 20 deserving organizations.

Giving back makes us feel good

Researchers studying charitable giving found that people are happier when they allocate a higher proportion of their income to prosocial spending (gifts for others and charity donations) as compared to personal spending.

The study also found that the pleasure we derive from giving small amounts is essentially equal to the pleasure we derive from giving large amounts.  

After last year’s historic Atlantic hurricane season, over 3,000 Bonusly users donated more than $60,000 of their Bonusly earnings to the American Red Cross’ hurricane relief efforts. Small bonuses transformed into small donations and quickly added up.

As one employee from Big Sea, a Bonusly customer, put it, "Nothing brings a team together like striving for an outside cause."

Another Bonusly customer, The HOTH, has gone one step further, making a donation at the end of every month on behalf of the employee with the most bonus points. 

Giving publicly and frequently makes it more satisfying

By making smaller donations more regularly, you add more good experiences to your Positivity RatioLetting the people around you know that you're donating has the added benefit of encouraging them to give. 

Here are a few things you can do to encourage more giving behavior on your team:

  • Highlight the donation options in the Bonusly Reward Catalog during your next team meeting
  • Add a Custom Reward to your Bonusly Reward Catalog so that your team can donate to a local charity or organization whose cause is dear to your team
  • Remind your team that small donations make a difference
  • Ask your company to match every donation your teammates make through Bonusly
  • Plan a team volunteering outing
  • And, last but not least, help us beat our monthly average of 376 nonprofit donations by the end of the day today! All you have to do is donate to one of the nonprofits (or several 😜) listed in the Bonusly Reward Catalog and then encourage your teammates to do the same! 

We'll be celebrating the #CharityDay on social media all day today, so be sure to track our progress as we move towards our goal of 377 donations. πŸ•ŠπŸ’— 

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Originally published on September 4, 2018 β†’ Last updated September 5, 2018

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