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Giving back through Bonusly

Written by
Emily Ciavolino
Emily Ciavolino

Giving back is an opportunity for employees to experience purpose, belonging, and camaraderie at work.

Deloitte’s 2017 Volunteerism Survey found that 70 percent of working Americans believe “volunteer activities are more likely to boost employee morale than company-sponsored happy hours.” A staggering 89 percent of respondents believe companies that sponsor volunteer activities offer a better overall working environment than those that do not.

We know for many companies it can be challenging to make giving back a priority. There are a few ways Bonusly can help you amplify your current initiatives or start a giving back program from scratch.

With Bonusly, you can build a culture that gives back in a way fits your company's values and work style. Similarly to recognition, giving back in Bonusly is led by your employees, which means the responsibility doesn’t sit with just one person, team, or committee.

1. Donate through Bonusly

The easiest way to give back in Bonusly is by donating your reward points. The donation section of our reward catalog makes donating points easy for employees and admins.


In addition to the recognition feed, donations are often highlighted on social media or your company’s chat tools.

SlackSlack highlight

TwitterTwitter highlight

All of these donations add up quickly to have a big impact. Read about how Bonusly customers donated over 60k to hurricane relief.

2. Set up your own custom donation rewards

Many companies add in ways to donate points through our custom reward feature to make the experience of giving back more engaging for employees. Here are a few examples:

  • Donate to a specific charity that makes sense for you: Many companies choose a charity that they especially want to support, maybe a local charity or an industry related cause.
  • Host an event for charity: Offer tickets to a trivia night, banquet, yoga class, or summer picnic to support your charity of choice.
  • Donate to support employees: Have an employee or team that likes to run charity races? Set up a reward so their colleagues can donate their Bonusly points to support them.


Custom rewards in Bonusly

3. Recognize employees who give back

Recognizing employees who give back shows employees it’s something that you value and encourages more employees to follow their colleague’s example. When you start volunteer or other giving back initiatives, we recommend setting up a award and a hashtag in Bonusly to encourage participation.

recognizingbonusly Recognizing employees who are setting a good example


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Originally published on May 22, 2018 → Last updated May 13, 2020

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