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Create a recognition-rich culture with Bonusly and Microsoft Teams

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Elisse Lockhart
Elisse Lockhart

Integrating Bonusly with your chat and collaboration tools increases participation in employee recognition by as much as 36%. By adding Bonusly to Microsoft Teams, you can increase the effectiveness of your recognition program and keep your remote and international teams engaged.

If your organization already uses Bonusly and Microsoft Teams but you're not using them together, integrate Bonusly with Microsoft Teams for free right away!

Microsoft released Microsoft Teams in 2017 to facilitate better communication and collaboration for teams, including workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. The Bonusly integration for Microsoft Teams brings employee recognition into everyone's daily workflow, meeting people where they are instead of taking them to a new browser window or (yet another) tab. 😅

Screenshot of Bonusly messages in a Microsoft Teams channel

In the five minutes it takes to integrate Bonusly and Microsoft Teams, you'll significantly increase how often employees interact with your recognition program and how appreciated they feel, as a result.

Screenshot of a Bonusly bonus with a GIF as it appears in Microsoft Teams

Integrating Bonusly with Microsoft Teams also increases the visibility of great work, engages remote and international employees, and provides managers with valuable people analytics data for performance management.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of integrating Bonusly with Microsoft Teams.

Increase the visibility of great work

When you connect Bonusly and Microsoft Teams, your employees will be able to give bonuses directly from Microsoft Teams and get timely updates in a dedicated channel when new bonuses (including GIFs!) are given across your organization. 

With a channel in Microsoft Teams where bonuses, achievements, and donation announcements surface throughout the work week and a bot that they can bring up to give bonuses without opening a new browser window, your employees will have a far easier time remembering to recognize one another.


Engage remote and international employees

Integrating Bonusly with Microsoft Teams can enhance your work culture by supporting the relationship-building initiatives you're already running. In addition to surfacing individual bonuses, Bonusly will post manual award bonuses to your dedicated Microsoft Teams channel.

Let's say you're planning a trivia event. You can encourage people to participate by offering a bonus to the winners or everyone who attends. After the trivia event, you can follow up by giving bonuses from a Manual Award that's especially for team building or culture. Those bonuses will stand out amongst other bonuses in your dedicated Microsoft Teams channel and remind people who didn't participate in your last company culture event to participate in the next one!

Provide managers with valuable people analytics data for performance management

If you're familiar with Microsoft Teams' Praise feature, you might have noticed that you have to manually tag the people who should get notified about the praise you're giving. If a manager doesn't consistently get notified of the praise their direct reports are receiving, that can make fair 

When someone gives your direct report a bonus with Bonusly in Microsoft Teams or on the Bonusly web app, that bonus will automatically get added to your report's Profile Page and incorporated into Bonusly Analytics. You can use that people analytics data to inform your next performance review and trust that it takes all of their recent recognition into account.

Getting Bonusly and Microsoft Teams together

It only takes a few clicks to add Bonusly to your Microsoft Teams channels. Set up the integration now if you're already a customer or you're in a Bonusly trial.

Not a Bonusly customer yet? To learn more about Bonusly integrations, our employee recognition solution, and what you can do to transform employee engagement at your organization no matter where or how your employees work, request a Bonusly demo now.

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Originally published on June 19, 2018 → Last updated May 15, 2020

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