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Can I trust my employees with recognition?

Written by
Amber Redig
Amber Redig

Yes! Employees respond well when you empower them, and peer recognition is a great way to make sure everyone feels appreciated in the workplace. Let's dig a little deeper into two common concerns. 

Will my employees give bonuses for the wrong reasons?

Empowering your employees is doing just that -- giving them power to recognize each other. What if they give reciprocal or not-so-meaningful bonuses? We did the research and crunched the numbers! You can trust employees with peer bonuses. Here’s the data.

What is Bonusly doing to ensure bonuses are genuine? 

  • Company-wide Feed
    Since bonuses are on a feed the whole will company see, employees tend to be thoughtful about what they write.
  • Monthly Allowance
    Each employee only has a set amount to give away each month. If they spend it too quickly, they won't be able to reward a teammate later on.
  • Bonus Quality Bot and Reporting
    We keep an eye out for suspicious bonus behavior, and we also give users the ability to report bonuses that they think aren't appropriate.

Will quiet or remote employees be left out?

The opposite! Since recognition is given by everyone, Bonusly a great way to recognize employees who don't have the visibility to show off their own accomplishments.

Also, since the role of recognizing is distributed, it won't be dependent on a specific group of people. For example, with top down recognition, if your manager is less vocal about your accomplishments, you will receive less recognition than someone with a highly visible, outspoken manager. 

Peer recognition empowers everyone highlight accomplishments, which means every employee will be recognized more often.

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Originally published on January 10, 2018 → Last updated October 31, 2018

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