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Bonusly Wins Big in G2's Summer Report

Written by
Vanessa Kahn
Vanessa Kahn

It’s officially summer. The pool lines are long, the ice cream truck is singing its song, and the G2 Summer Report is here! We’re excited to announce that G2 named Bonusly a winner in twelve categories in the Summer 2022 Report. 🎉

What is the G2 Summer Report? 

G2 Reports are determined by an aggregate of customer rating scores for tech platforms in various product categories. Their aim is to help folks like you pick the best software to meet your business needs. As an employee recognition, rewards, and engagement platform, we deeply value and appreciate feedback of all kinds. We are grateful to all the teams that use (and love) Bonusly that reviewed our platform.  

Which categories did Bonusly win? 

  • Summer 2022 - Leader

  • Summer 2022 - Europe Leader

  • Summer 2022 - Asia-Pacific Leader

  • Summer 2022 - Asia-Pacific Mid-Market Leader 

  • Summer 2022 - Asia Mid-Market Leader 

  • Summer 2022 - Mid-Market

  • Summer 2022 - Enterprise Leader

  • Summer 2022 - Asia Leader

  • Summer 2022 - Small-Business Leader

  • Summer 2022 - Momentum Leader

  • Summer 2022 - Highest User Adoption Small-Business

  • Summer 2022 - Best Meets Requirements Small-Business

Now a word from our customers

That concludes our self-promotion. We’d much rather leave the talking to our raving customers. Here’s what they have to say: 

Ordermark started using Bonusly in a time of rapid growth to connect their team and create visibility around small wins. Ordermark’s VP of People and Culture, Lindsey Kampmeier, celebrates Bonusly's ability to connect teams, no matter where they work.

"With Bonusly front and center in Ordermark's Slack workspace, employees send nearly half (43%) of all recognition through Bonusly's Slack app. Having Bonusly in Slack makes recognition visible to everyone throughout the whole work day. It’s constantly being utilized to showcase how people are making an impact — large or small."

Amanda H., a Mid-Market Bonusly customer from G2 highlights how their team uses Bonusly to create a culture of recognition: 

Bonusly is a very intuitive tool that offers meaningful ways to show appreciation or recognize your team or peers. The integration with Slack has definitely made using Bonusly top-of-mind for my whole company. The rewards you can redeem your points for are wide-ranging and I love that they enable various charitable giving options as well.

Chobani has been a happy customer since 2017 and originally launched Bonusly based on feedback from an engagement survey. Grace Zuncic, Chobani’s VP of People, describes how Bonusly has changed the makeup of Chobani’s culture:

“Bonusly has transformed the way we activate peer-to-peer recognition at Chobani. The program has brought our amazingly diverse company together behind a common goal of real-time acknowledgment and fostered a genuine spirit of recognition in all that we do.”




Samantha H. from G2 celebrates the administrative ease and positive employee feedback after implementing Bonusly. 

Bonusly has been a complete game-changer. Our values are a huge part of our company and we reward based on them - but that used to leave out our drivers, field service technicians, etc. The Bonusly implementation was a HUGE hit and went very smoothly, it's easy to use, and even our guys who aren't at a computer are able to use it and love to use it. Now they are just as included in our reward system. We've only received positive feedback from our employees and we tend to have over 90% of employees consistently receiving Bonusly points. Could not be happier with the transition!

We’ve only scratched the surface, our customers have a lot more to say

We are honored to earn a spot in G2’s Summer Report. These awards are recognition of one of Bonusly’s core values, #delight-the-customer, which is what we will continue to do. Speaking of which, we’re constantly releasing new and exciting product updates, check out the latest here. Interested in seeing our award-winning software for yourself? You can always sign up for a free product trial

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Originally published on June 28, 2022 → Last updated July 6, 2022

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