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Bonusly shines in G2's Fall 2022 Reports

Bonusly shines in G2's Fall 2022 Reports

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Maja Orsic
Maja Orsic

With the release of G2's Fall 2022 reports, Bonusly continues to shine as the leader in the Employee Recognition and Employee Engagement software categories. 

Bonusly maintained the top spot in G2's Fall 2022 Grid Report for Employee Recognition, where we rank first out of 54 products.


In G2's Employee Engagement software category, Bonusly was named a category leader for Europe, Asia, India, and Asia Pacific and moved up one position in the Fall 2022 Grid Report for Employee Engagement, ranking fourth out of 147.

Bonusly leads in employee engagement

In the Employee Engagement category, Bonusly was named a leader for enterprise, mid-market, and small businesses worldwide; a leader in the Europe, Asia, India, and Asia Pacific regions; and a leader for enterprise businesses in Asia, India, and Asia Pacific.

In our 2022 HR leader report, almost a third of the HR leaders we surveyed considered employee engagement a top challenge. After implementing Bonusly, 70% of Bonusly customers saw improved employee engagement. 🎉

Bonusly excels in employee engagement because it embeds seamlessly in existing company workflows, so it becomes a part of employees' day-to-day.  Bonusly has one of the highest participation rates with users recognizing each other at least 2x per week. Providing a fun environment to be used frequently, encourages a culture of recognition that ultimately improves employee engagement. 

"[Bonusly] is simply a tool to engage employees across departments and gives leadership a whole new lens into how people work together, care for each other, and allows the unseen to become seen," said Erin. C, a manager at a small business, in a G2 review.

Bonusly leads in employee recognition

In the Employee Recognition software category, Bonusly was also recognized as an overall leader in the Europe, India, and Asia Pacific regions; as an enterprise leader in Europe; as a mid-market leader in Europe and Asia Pacific; and as an enterprise high performer in Asia and India.

Bonusly’s peer-to-peer recognition enables people to instantly express their appreciation for their colleagues and make teamwork visible. Celebrating wins together in a public forum builds connections among teams fostering better working relationships, even in remote and hybrid working environments. Bonusly’s real-time advantage allows for flexibility, visibility, and accessibility, so people feel connected with one another at all times.

“Bonusly makes it very easy to acknowledge team members. This helps build a great sense of being part of a wider team that is geographically dispersed,” said Trevor H., a product owner at a mid-size company, in a G2 review.

Bonusly leads in implementation and usability

In the Employee Engagement category, Bonusly also earned the highest implementation rating overall and the highest usability and implementation ratings for small businesses. We know how challenging it can be to launch successful employee recognition programs, so these usability and implementation honors speak volumes!


Bonusly allows organizations to easily automate their recognition and reward programs by providing smooth onboarding with minimal monthly upkeep. Per the results of our 2022 Bonusly user survey, 77% of customers were able to implement Bonusly in less than a month and 73% of Bonusly admins spend 2 hours or less managing Bonusly each month. Bonusly is an easy program for end users to participate in, which isn't always the case for company-wide engagement initiatives.

"I don't know why [Bonusly] is not used in every single company," said Carles S., a software engineer at a midsize tech company, in a G2 review. "It's a great tool to give thanks to anyone in the company. And to encourage coworkers to keep helping each other, no matter the department or tasks."

What are G2 Reports?

G2 Reports are generated by G2 on a quarterly basis by an aggregate of verified customer rating scores for software platforms in various product categories. G2's aim is to help folks like you pick the best software to meet your business needs.

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Bonusly earned nearly 300 new reviews in the period considered for G2's Fall 2022 report, with an average rating of 4.79 out of 5 stars. 

Here are a few additional honors Bonusly earned in G2's Fall 2022 Reports:

  • Leader, Employee Recognition - Fall 2022
  • Momentum Leader, Employee Recognition - Fall 2022
  • Leader, Employee Recognition, Enterprise - Fall 2022
  • Leader, Employee Recognition, Europe, India, and Asia Pacific - Fall 2022
  • Leader, Employee Engagement - Fall 2022
  • Leader, Employee Engagement, Enterprise, Mid-market, and Small Businesses - Fall 2022
  • Momentum Leader, Employee Engagement - Fall 2022
  • Most Implementable, Employee Engagement - Fall 2022
  • Most Implementable for Small Businesses, Employee Engagement - Fall 2022
  • Best Usability for Small Businesses, Employee Engagement - Fall 2022

Now, a few more quotes from our customers.

G2 defines mid-market companies as those with 51 to 1000 employees. Here are a few highlights from recent mid-market customer reviews of Bonusly:

Bonusly is "[a] great tool for engaging employees in a remote setting," raves Tom G., an operations team lead at a midsize company


"[Bonusly is the] best way to encourage peers to recognize each other," says Byron Q., a senior marketing technology engineer at a midsize company



"I love [Bonusly's] ability to give feedback in real time to highlight the day to day success of my team & colleagues. It's empowering & refreshing to receive!" says Chaumone R., a manager at a midsize company


We love the enthusiasm! 😍 If you use Bonusly, please share your experience by reviewing us on G2 to help more companies discover our category-leading, award-winning, employee recognition, and engagement software.

Not yet a Bonusly customer? Request a demo to learn how a recognition platform can help improve your company's employee engagement. Ready to explore Bonusly on your own? Sign up now for a free trial.

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Originally published on September 30, 2022 → Last updated December 1, 2022

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