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Bonusly integrates with Google Chat to bring fun and easy peer-to-peer recognition into your organization's chatrooms and conversations

Bonusly integrates with Google Chat (formerly Hangouts Chat)

Written by
Elisse Lockhart
Elisse Lockhart

Google Chat (formerly Hangouts Chat) is a messaging platform for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) customers that makes it easy for teams to collaborate in an organized way. In addition to integrating with Google Workspace apps, Google Chat also supports third-party apps, including Bonusly!

With the Bonusly integration for Google Chat, you can give and view recognition directly from Google Chat rooms and conversations.

Screenshot of Bonusly bot in a Google Chat room

Why add Bonusly to Google Chat?

You already know the beauty of Google Workspace — that’s why you picked it for your organization!

By adding Bonusly to Google Chat, you can make it easy and convenient for your team to participate in and benefit from recognition. Increase your team’s engagement with Bonusly by meeting them where they are.

To learn more about why employee recognition is a highly effective and proven strategy for improving employee engagement, check out this resource: Why is Employee Recognition Important?

Get started

All you need to do to start using Bonusly in Google Chat is to add the Bonusly bot to one of your chatrooms or conversations!


Once you add Bonusly, type @Bonusly help for instructions on giving recognition. Check out our Help Center article for a step-by-step guide to connecting Bonusly to Google Chat.

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Originally published on August 20, 2021 → Last updated October 6, 2021

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Elisse Lockhart

Elisse leads marketing at Bonusly and is passionate about using recognition to build great teams and strong culture. With a background in startup growth, she’s excited to reach organizations ready for change.


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