Automate user management in Bonusly with BambooHR

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Elisse Lockhart
Elisse Lockhart

Our customers love that Bonusly provides an impactful recognition and rewards program without needing full-time oversight. One key to reducing administrative overhead with Bonusly is to automate user management with our HRIS and HRMS integrations.

By connecting Bonusly to an HRIS, such as BambooHR, you can automate the creation and management of employee data in Bonusly. Instead of adding, editing, and removing employee information from multiple systems, you simply turn on the integration and your employee data will sync up. Set it and forget it! The BambooHR + Bonusly integration will save you time and hassle as your company grows and changes, and you won’t have to worry about information being manually entered incorrectly.

Classy Llama, a full-service eCommerce agency, recently chatted with us about how they use the BambooHR integration to reduce hands-on administration and continue to run a successful recognition and rewards program.

Greg Johnson, who covers a wide range of HR functions at Classy Llama, described the integration as a no-brainer:

“The whole thing about the [BambooHR+Bonusly] integration is... that you can integrate into one easy to use platform - it’s just kind of a no-brainer. Instead of having to put an employee’s information into BambooHR and then remember to put all that same information into Bonusly, or if something changes with the employee, where maybe they find a different job or maybe they’re terminated or whatever the situation might be, having to do the exact same thing and duplicate the efforts is really just annoying... Now we only have one spot where we have to put in or take out all of the [employee] information at once.

“...The whole idea of empowering people is an amazing function of Bonusly. That’s one of the huge reasons we love it is just having that culture of empowerment and giving those ‘atta boys’ in the moment instead of waiting a year for an annual review.”


Check out the webinar to see the integration in action and hear more from Greg at Classy Llama.

Visit our full list of integrations to see other ways to make recognition easy with Bonusly.

Originally published on August 30, 2018 → Last updated August 9, 2019

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Elisse leads marketing at Bonusly and is passionate about using recognition to build great teams and strong culture. With a background in startup growth, she’s excited to reach organizations ready for change.


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