Small Improvements

Implementing Small Improvements

By George Dickson on October 26, 2014

Our team is guided by principles of modernizing and enhancing company cultures all across the globe. We’re always curious and excited to hear about different ways our users are leveraging Bonusly to celebrate great work and promote a positive and productive environment. It’s that curiosity that drives us to explore other innovative tools for business.

Enter, Small Improvements:Small Improvements a cloud-based software designed to revolutionize employee reviews and feedback. It has some nicely implemented employee recognition features like 360 reviews (more on that later) plus useful tools for setting and tracking objectives. We decided to give Small Improvements a try, and see what kind of benefits it might offer us as a small, but rapidly growing company.



My first login to Small Improvements was an enjoyable experience. After following the link in my invitation email and choosing a password, I was greeted by a clean and intuitive dashboard. I even got an invite to an event they were hosting in the next week.

I set up my profile next, and it was pretty easy in Small Improvements. I noticed they had 2-step verification, which is always a plus for those of us who are security-minded.

As part of the profile-building process, I was asked to list my department and team, amongst other questions designed to place me within our company’s structure. I’m seeing this as a particularly useful functionality for larger teams where structure becomes more critical; however, as a very small, flat, and agile organization, It wasn’t a feature we were able to take full advantage of.



Small Improvements ObjectivesAs our team continues to grow, project organization is becoming increasingly important. Small Improvements’ objectives functionality offered us an opportunity to replace an ad-hoc project planning style with a tighter, universally observable dashboard, while maintaining a sense of independence.


Third-party Integrations

Small Improvements Bonusly IntegrationIt’s important for a modern management tool to play nice with others, so that it doesn’t end up adding to the cognitive load by requiring a bunch of task and context switching. Small Improvements offers several third-party integrations, like BambooHR, Okta, Dropbox, and of course, Bonusly.



Small Improvements CustomizationDigging into the admin panel, I was surprised to see I had control over the user interface’s color scheme. As I dug further, I realized that Small Improvements actually offers full CSS control, so I experimented with customizing it with Bonusly colors and fonts. Although this may seem like a small feature at face value, it made the dashboard feel like something we owned.


360 Degree Reviews

This feature was less useful to us than it would be a larger company with a more complex management structure. As a very small team, we have the luxury of easily maintaining close communication across our organization on a daily basis. That being said, It’s clear how revolutionary a tool like this would be in comparison to drawn-out, antiquated annual review processes.

All in all, we found Small Improvements to be a very well laid out system with useful, innovative features. Although it’s probably best suited for slightly larger teams than ours, we still found a valid use for most of the tools it offers.

Written by George Dickson

George Dickson

George manages content and community at Bonusly. He's dedicated to strengthening organizational cultures through thoughtful leadership and frequent recognition.