Is Trust More Important Than Individual Potential?

Chief Human Resources Officers believe high-potential employees are 91 percent more valuable to their organizations than average employees, so it is no surprise their main concern is retaining them.

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By Jessica Collins on December 14, 2016

How to Keep a Contingent Worker Engaged and Motivated

There are plenty of guides and advice on keeping full-time employees motivated and engaged, but what about contingent workers? As the contingent workforce trends larger and larger across the world, this becomes an increasingly significant question to answer.

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By George Dickson on December 07, 2016

7 Simple But Powerful Ways to Lower Employee Turnover Rate

Your organization's employee turnover rate can have a major impact on its trajectory, and if you're having trouble with it, you're not alone.

Despite its important place in a successful operation, turnover is still one area even the best companies struggle with. Luckily, the struggle isn't mandatory, even if it is common.

Let's take a few minutes to explore turnover -- what triggers it, and some easy ways to improve.

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By George Dickson on November 30, 2016

7 Deceptively Simple Ways to Inspire Discretionary Effort

Discretionary effort can make the difference between a great team, and an extraordinary team -- but what does it take to inspire and support that effort?

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By George Dickson on November 16, 2016

How to Inspire Different Types of Motivation

Motivation is not an easy thing to master, but the reward for getting it right can be massive.

Much of the challenge comes from the varied and individualistic nature of motivation. Everyone is motivated by slightly (or dramatically) different things, and in different ways. Despite those variances, there's always a common thread you can follow to find success.

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By George Dickson on November 09, 2016

One Acre Fund's Allison Bream: Scaling Teams across the Globe

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Allie Bream from One Acre Fund.

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By George Dickson on November 02, 2016

How to Lead a Team Like a Pro Your First Time

There are a lot of reasons you can be put in a leadership position, and it's not always something you're prepared for. I've met a lot of reluctant de-facto leaders who have painstakingly grown to become outstanding leaders. Although most of them braved the crucible of trial and error to get to that level, you don't have to. 

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By George Dickson on October 26, 2016

7 Easy Ways to Support Professional Development Goals

Modern employees aren't just looking for a paycheck; they're looking for a mutually-beneficial partnership -- one that enriches and elevates both parties.

It's easier than you might think to develop an organizational culture that not only upholds its end of that partnership, but inspires employees at every level to do the same. 

Let's take a look at some easy steps you can take toward that goal.

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By George Dickson on October 19, 2016

Bonusly Integrates with Zenefits for Automated User Management

Managing HR for a growing team and keeping them engaged is easier when you have a great set of tools at your disposal.

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By George Dickson on October 18, 2016

HR Tech 2016: 5 Powerful Trends You Need to Know about

We just returned from the Annual HR Technology Conference and Expo in Chicago last week, and it was an incredibly rewarding experience.

HR Tech 2016 was a great opportunity to meet teams who use Bonusly face-to-face, to catch up with our friends in the industry, and learn about all the exciting new tools, technology, strategies, and methodologies driving HR forward into the future.

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By George Dickson on October 12, 2016

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