Bonusly - Plays Well With Others

At Bonusly, we’ve been working hard to ensure that Bonusly can work with many of the HR, Communication, and Collaboration tools that our customers use every day.

Today, we’re pleased to announce a series of integrations, with more on the way. Without further ado:

OneLogin. Bonusly is an official App Partner with OneLogin. OneLogin provides Enterprise-quality identity management, including Single Sign-On and User Management. You can use OneLogin with Bonusly for FREE. Click here for details.

HipChat. HipChat is the glue of our distributed, virtual office. With workers all over the world, we rely on HipChat to enable fast, efficient real-time communication. Bonusly can now post bonuses, achievements, and reminders to HipChat, which is much easier than email! Click here for details.

Okta. Bonusly is now a member of the Okta Application Network (OAN). Click here for a screencast on how to integrate Bonusly with Okta.

Workday. Bonusly can automate your user management by integrating with Workday. Click here for details.

We also want to highlight some of the custom integrations done by our awesome customers. First up, Chelmer out of New Zealand. They added Bonusly to the homepage of their company intranet:


Chelmer and its staff are recognised as specialists in financial services, wealth management, technology solutions. Learn more at

Has your company built an integration with Bonusly? Let us know and we’ll blog about it!

Bonusly - Workday Integration


Tired of manually adding and removing users in Bonusly? We’re happy to announce that we can automate user management by integrating with Workday! Workday is a very popular cloud-based HRMS (Human Resource Management System).

We use Workday’s Reports-as-a-Service feature to facilitate the integration. Contact us to set up an integration.

Bonusly - OneLogin Integration

OneLogin is an enterprise-grade identity management platform. They provide both Single Sign-on and User Management.

We are pleased to announce that Bonusly is now an official App Partner with OneLogin. Bonusly supports integrating with OneLogin for both Single Sign-On (SSO) and User Management.

It’s free to use OneLogin with Bonusly. Click here to sign up!

If you already use OneLogin, click here for a screencast on how to integrate it with Bonusly.

Bonusly - HipChat Integration

HipChat is one of our favorite tools. It allows for real-time communication between our distributed team. And thanks to its easy-to-use API, HipChat integrates with all of the tools we use: GitHub, CircleCI, and…Bonusly!

You can add HipChat integration by clicking the 'Integrations' tab, and clicking on HipChat. Enter your HipChat API key and room name, and you’re good to go!

Click here for a screencast on how to integrate Bonusly with HipChat.

How Chipotle transformed itself by upending its approach to management

In 2005, the US company underwent a transformation that would make its culture as distinct as its food. As more than 1,000 stores opened across the US, the company focused on creating a system where promoting managers from within would create a feedback loop of better, more motivated employees. That year, about 20% of the company’s managers had been promoted from within. Last year, nearly 86% of salaried managers and 96% of hourly managers were the result of internal promotions.

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Getting People _Out_ of the Office

In a recent post, David Heinemeier (the creator of Ruby on Rails) argues the merits of encouraging a sustainable pace for your staff and outlines a series of employee benefits to this end, including:

  • Pre-prepare employee vacations
  • 4 day summer weeks
  • Month long sabbaticals every 3 years

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The four horsemen of mediocrity

  1. Deniability—”They decided, created, commanded or blocked. Not my fault.”
  2. Helplessness—“My boss won’t let me.”
  3. Contempt—“They don’t pay me enough to put up with the likes of these customers.”
  4. Fear—“It’s good enough, it’s not worth the risk, people will talk, this might not work…”

Seth Godin