De-Motivational Employee Rewards

Why Most Employee Rewards Don’t Motivate

Employee rewards do have the power to motivate, but the format and circumstances matter. In his book, Carrots And Sticks Don’t Work, Paul Marciano talks about how rewards systems involving positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and punishment have been widely misunderstood among business leaders. “We have been led to believe that the same principles that get…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on April 24, 2015

Namely Logo

Namely + Bonusly: Seamless User Management

Managing growth is easier with tools that evolve and expand with your needs. Founded by Matt Straz in 2012, Namely is an exciting new HR platform that has already grown to serve companies in over 20 countries. With a focus on flexibility, intuitive design and scalability, this modern end-to-end tool is taking the human resources…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on April 22, 2015 Logo

Non-Profit Spotlight: launched in April 2000, long before anyone was talking about crowdsourcing. With a humble mission focused on funding classroom projects a few dollars at a time, is considered one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world. We’re proud to offer our users an opportunity to help improve education across the country,…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on April 20, 2015

Years of Service Award

It’s Time to Retire the ‘Years of Service’ Award

Recognition is vital to employee engagement, and ‘Years of Service’ awards are an ineffective approach to providing it. Consider what Years of Service awards communicate about your company values: Do you want to emphasize the value you place on an employee’s contributions, or their ability to hold down a seat for a long time? It’s…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on April 17, 2015

friends at work

The Value of Peer Relationships at Work

Positive peer relationships are one of the most valuable things you can cultivate in the work environment. Here’s why: Less than a third of employees without friends at work are highly engaged. This is in stark contrast to the 69 percent of employees with multiple friends at work who remain highly engaged. With an employee’s…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on April 15, 2015

Scaling Culture

Shopify’s Brittany Forsyth on Scaling Culture

Shopify grew from 5 people working together in a coffee shop to a commerce juggernaut, totaling $7 billion in annual sales in only a few years. Scaling at that rate is challenging by anyone’s standards, and scaling culture under those conditions can be even harder. We met with Brittany Forsyth, Shopify’s VP of Human Relations for…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on April 13, 2015

Work Environment

Work Environment: Why You Should Care

The team behind the Talent Blog at LinkedIn recently offered an infographic titled “The Workplace: Then & Now.” It highlights the dramatic shift modern workplaces have experienced in a short amount of time. There are businesses entirely devoted to talent strategy, and publications like Forbes debate the merits of work-life flexibility and the relationships between…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on April 10, 2015

Global Workforce

How Digital Firefly Improved Distributed Team Engagement

Digital Firefly Marketing recently wrote about the collaboration tools they use to work effectively as a distributed team. The post explained how these tools help strengthen the bonds of an international organization spread out across several thousand miles of mountains, freeway, and ocean. Collaboration Across A Worldwide Workforce The development team is located in Dhaka,…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on April 8, 2015

Measuring Happiness

Interview with TINYhr’s David Niu: Measuring Happiness at Work

“When employees are happy, engagement, productivity, retention, customer service and ultimately your bottom line will all improve.” Powerful words and a metric we can all understand: happiness. But how do you measure that? TINYhr’s employee engagement solution, TINYpulse helps leaders take the pulse of happiness at work, giving them the information that they need to address potential…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on April 6, 2015

Number One Employee

Manager Bias: How Positivity Improves Performance

Does manager bias affect worker performance? Zenger/Folkman recently explored this topic in an article published in the Harvard Business Review. Zenger/Folkman looked at two styles of manager bias: those who rated employees more positively than others, and those who rated employees more negatively. Zenger/Folkman had both groups rank all employees. Fourteen percent of employees who…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on April 3, 2015


6 Tips for Better Communication

Communication is crucial to success in any organization, whether it’s between managers and employees, or peer-to-peer. However, the quality and tone of communication in many offices is neutral — sometimes even negative. We recently shared some advice with Entrepreneur recently on the value of elevating communication in the workplace, and some quick tips on how…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on April 1, 2015

New Rules

New Rules of Modern Bonus Systems

“Paying people for work, without destroying their motivation, is one of the most difficult challenges for management. Regrettably, most compensation systems are considered unfair by employees and unscientific by experts. That’s why it would be wise to consider some lesser-known alternatives that are based on real merits instead of imagined performance,” wrote leadership guru Jurgen…Keep Reading

By Jennifer Riggins on March 30, 2015

People Analytics

People Analytics: Talent Management Evolved

People analytics is an increasingly popular approach to human resources management. According to the Wharton People Analytics Conference website, it is “a data-driven approach to managing people at work.” People analytics involves the use of both data and analysis in recruiting, hiring, promotion, leadership, performance evaluation, compensation, and other people-oriented processes. Wanting to learn more…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 27, 2015

Steps to Becoming a Better Boss

6 Simple Steps to Becoming a Better Boss

Nobody wants to be a bad boss. Most start out with aspirations of coaching the very best out of their team, playing the part of mentor, friend, and leader. It’s a difficult line to walk though, and it only becomes harder when the pressure is on. Luckily, there are some simple steps anyone can follow…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 25, 2015

Repair Employee Engagement

How to Recognize and Fix Poor Engagement

A top employee at the illustrious ACME company just packed up her desk. She had been there for nearly a year before leaving to pursue another opportunity. Looking back on the past few months, she was showing subtle signs of disengagement all along. In her interview, Carolina blew everyone away with excellent answers and professionalism.…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 23, 2015

Decentralized Team

Why Decentralized Teams Perform Better

This might be uncomfortable to think about, but there’s a good chance management is your company’s largest bottleneck. This isn’t to say managers are bad at their jobs — far from it. But consider a small sample of the tasks commonly expected of a manager: evaluation, feedback, recognition, rewards, delegation, and task management are just…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 20, 2015

Top Secret Tips

The Best Bosses Know These Secrets, Do You?

Employee engagement is dismally low — just 13 percent, according to a global Gallup poll in 2012. The best bosses aren’t suffering from a poorly engaged workforce, though. Want to know their secrets to keeping employees engaged? Here are five we recently shared with Entrepreneur: 1. Annual rewards aren’t effective motivators. Rewards are useful, but…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 18, 2015

Psychology of Motivation

The Science of Employee Motivation

You can improve employee engagement and retention with science. Here’s how: In an attempt to discourage the brightest talent from moving on, organizational leadership regularly searches for progressive methods of engaging and retaining employees. This drive to improve employee retention and maximize productivity progressed over time to meet the changing demands of an ever-evolving workforce.…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 16, 2015


How Small Improvements Bootstrapped Its Way To Success

Small Improvements has made a striking impression in the past four years. Its customer base has doubled since early last year, growing close to 500 customers right now. And they’ve done it all without the help of venture capitalist funding. To find out more about how this Berlin-based startup was able to bootstrap its way…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 13, 2015

Employee Turnover

Turnover: Why Your New Employee Just Quit

Last year, we published an LinkedIn Pulse article titled, “You’re About to Lose The Employee You Just Hired. Here’s Why:” It told the story of Jim’s first day on the job. As he interacted with other employees, he quickly discovered that dream job he landed was actually a nightmare. If employee turnover is a problem,…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 11, 2015