Peer Recognition Success at DeSmart

I’m always motivated by success stories. It’s infinitely encouraging to see leaders who care about their team, digging into the fundamentals of what motivates and engages them, and working hard to provide a supportive environment. When I read Piotr Duszyński’s blog post “How to Reward Employees? Let Them Do It Themselves” I was excited to…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 4, 2015

Clean Water Fund Logo

Charity Spotlight: Clean Water Fund

Most of us want to play a role in impacting a cause greater than ourselves. We’re proud to offer our users easy ways to help several of the world’s top charitable organizations enact major change. This month, we’d like to offer a closer look at Clean Water Fund. To find out more about what Clean…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 2, 2015

Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day: Once a Year?

Have you marked your calendar for Employee Appreciation Day? On March 6th, companies across the United States will take time to express appreciation for their employees. Some will buy lunch; others will throw a party; and others will hand out awards. A few might even give employees the day off, though that’s rare. Good Intentions,…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on February 27, 2015


Managing Your Smartest Employees

Congratulations! You just hired the smartest person in the room; unfortunately, you were also one of the people in that room. Here’s what you need to know about millennials entering the workforce: they might be smarter than you. Not only did a Pew Research Study last year proclaim millennials as “…the best-educated cohort of young…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on February 25, 2015

PIng Pong Table

Employee Engagement Isn’t a Ping-Pong Table

Free lunches, yoga classes and ping-pong tables are just a few perks companies provide in an effort to engage their employees. Despite often making headlines, perks are only one element of an effective employee engagement strategy. You don’t have to hire an on-site chef to motivate your employees. Increased engagement starts with understanding. Let’s look…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on February 23, 2015

Gamifying Work

Pitfalls of Workplace Gamification

Gamification is rapidly gaining popularity in management circles, but like most tools, its advantages are directly tied to its application. Without a solid strategy in place behind it, gamification may even do more harm than good. By keeping a few key concepts in mind, managers can eliminate most of the potential for adverse effects, and…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on February 13, 2015

retain bright employees

Retain Employees Longer: Podcast

Our CEO Raphael Crawford-Marks recently sat in for an interview with Tim Muma of LocalJobNetwork.com to discuss the importance of building a culture employees will want to stick around for. Here are a few key points from the interview: The Great Divide Employee turnover is a costly issue, and it’s increasingly prevalent in the modern workplace.…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on January 23, 2015

Gamification at Work

Your employees don’t give a s*** about gamification

Gamification is a hot topic these days: 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies are using gamified platforms. The hope is that work will be more fun, employees will be more engaged, productivity will go up, and turnover will go down. Unfortunately, Gamification is likely being overused or misused in many of these companies. For knowledge…Keep Reading

By Raphael Crawford-Marks on January 15, 2015

Employee Trust

You can trust employees with peer bonuses. Here’s the data.

Can you trust employees to give peer bonuses responsibly? The idea of employees having control over recognition and bonuses is sometimes regarded with skepticism. In fact, some cite Bonusly’s high engagement numbers (90% of employees giving bonuses each month) as a sign that there might be something nefarious going on: quid pro quo bonuses. After analyzing the…Keep Reading

By Raphael Crawford-Marks on January 6, 2015


Why Would Anyone Appreciate a Micro-Bonus?

Someone recently wrote to us, “I’m interested in the idea [of Bonusly], but the bonus amounts seem trivial ($10, $20). This could seem more insulting than positive. When you can’t even buy lunch with your ‘bonus’, what’s the point of working?” A Faulty Assumption On the surface, this is a totally reasonable conclusion to jump…Keep Reading

By Raphael Crawford-Marks on November 5, 2014