Dead Simple

10 Dead Simple Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

You already understand the importance of having a strong company culture, but even with the desire to build one, it’s not always obvious what steps to take. Here are 10 easy, actionable steps you can take today to improve company culture, both in the short and long term. 1. Embrace transparency.   Transparency isn’t just…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on November 18, 2015


6 Things Every Great Leader Should Know About Recognition

Did you know that 3 out of 4 companies have an employee recognition program? At face value, it would sound like the business world is making great progress, yet a recent study found that just 58 percent of employees even knew their companies had one. The same study Bersin & Associates conducted that revealed the…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on November 9, 2015

EVELO Electric Bicycles

Distributed Peer Recognition at EVELO

EVELO Electric Bicycles is a profitable, bootstrapped eCommerce startup that manufactures and sells stylish, powerful and comfortable electric bikes, shipped straight to your door. They’re a fully distributed team, with members distributed across 3 countries and 2 continents — more specifically, the US, Canada, and Argentina. EVELO’s Director of Marketing, Gonzalo Sánchez shared his thoughts…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on November 4, 2015


The 5 Worst Work Culture Mistakes You Can Make

Culture will always have a massive impact on your organization. A great work culture can attract and retain top employees, and customers alike. Nobody wants to build a bad culture on purpose, but it’s easy to make mistakes. Here are five of the worst mistakes to avoid when building a company culture: 1. Build a…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on November 2, 2015

Great Employee Experience

Why employee experience matters to your customers

Working to build an amazing customer experience while neglecting employee experience is like building a house with no foundation. Employee experience is the bedrock of your customer experience. Without it, your organization is at an immediate disadvantage, and that disadvantage isn’t limited to recruitment and retention. Serving your employees is just as important as serving…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on October 28, 2015

why top performers quit

6 Simple Reasons Your Top Performers Quit

Losing a top performer hurts, and it’s an increasingly common issue in the modern workforce. A study last year by SAP and Oxford Economics revealed that one in five high performers are likely to leave their jobs within the next six months — and less than half are satisfied with their jobs. Sure, but how…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on October 26, 2015

employee of the month certificate

10 Reasons to Ditch Employee of the Month Certificates

One of the most common forms of employee recognition is the old standby: the employee of the month certificate. Though it may be popular, it’s a woefully ineffective method of recognizing your team’s contributions. Here are 10 good reasons why: 1. Employee of the month certificates undermine other valuable contributions made throughout the month. Your…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on October 21, 2015

employee advocacy

Why Recognition Is the Secret to Amazing Employee Advocacy

Your employees are influential on social media and they have the potential to generate significant exposure for your company — for better or for worse. Though you may be tempted to create a detailed top-down social media policy, stringently enforcing brand guidelines, you’ll soon realize that you can’t micromanage your employees’ personal activity online. Ben…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on October 19, 2015

talent analytics

How to Improve Engagement through Talent Analytics

Talent analytics tools are changing leadership practices. Tasks that were once relegated to gut feelings and intuition have been infused with a new supplement of data that is proving to be priceless. Here’s the problem: Talent analytics tools are still a relatively new development, and a large number of leaders aren’t using them to their…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on October 14, 2015

Buy Employee Engagement

How to Sell Employee Engagement to a Skeptic

Most leaders are aware of the powerful impact employee engagement has on their organization. Countless studies have been organized around the subject, each coming to the same conclusion. Engagement is crucial. Despite these findings, some leaders are still skeptical of the benefits. Here’s a list of common objections you’re likely to run into, and some…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on October 7, 2015

Management Mistakes

3 Massive Mistakes That Even Great Leaders Make

It’s not easy being the boss. At times it can seem like there are more ways to fail than to succeed. Even great leaders still make big mistakes — sometimes repeatedly. Although occasional mistakes are natural to make, it doesn’t mean you have to make the same ones others already have. Let’s take a moment…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on October 5, 2015


The Research Behind Staff Recognition

It’s one thing to say that staff recognition is important, and another thing entirely to prove it. There has been a vast body of research focused on the effects of recognition recently, and the results of that research are telling. Dr. Haiyan Zhang of the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute published a thought leadership whitepaper titled:…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on September 30, 2015


5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Work Culture

What do you know about work culture? It’s a hot topic amongst leaders, their teams, and the media as of late, but organizational culture is far from a new concept. Although it’s discussed more often now, company culture has existed since the immemorial past, when the very first organizations formed. Most of the contemporary conversation…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on September 28, 2015

Toxic Organizational Culture

4 Warning Signs of a Toxic Organizational Culture

Is your organizational culture toxic? Some signs are obvious: employees crying at their desks; higher churn rates than the tables at a fast food restaurant; inhumane working hours — throw in some unfair pay, and you’ve got the idea. Just like with physical toxicity, a few trace elements here and there aren’t often noticeable, or…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on September 23, 2015

ingredients for successful recognition

6 Ingredients Every Employee Recognition Program Needs

Just like any other formula or recipe, an effective employee recognition program requires a series of important ingredients. Each ingredient plays a crucial role in producing a successful outcome. Here’s a list of ingredients that can make a huge difference in the results of your staff recognition plan: 1. Frequency For employee recognition to be…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on September 21, 2015

Soothe Company Culture Growing Pains

5 Easy Ways to Soothe Company Culture Growing Pains

As businesses grow, they inevitably change. When that growth and change happens on a narrow timescale, cultural growing pains are a common result. While you may not be able to completely avoid these growing pains, you can take steps to minimize them. Here are some easy ways you can strengthen and nurture your company culture…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on September 16, 2015

Evolution of HR

BlackbookHR’s Chris Powell: The Evolution of HR Practices

Human resources must evolve to remain relevant and foster an engaged workforce. Chris Powell, CEO of BlackbookHR shared some time with me to discuss the evolution of HR, and the importance of facilitating, rather than just measuring, engagement. Why Technology is Important to Human Resources I wanted to find out Powell’s thoughts on why these…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on September 14, 2015

Guide to Candidate Experience

The Ultimate Guide to an Extraordinary Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is the first cultural impression your organization will make on an employee. Get it right and that impression could translate into long-term engagement and retention. Get it wrong, and you’ll barely keep candidates past the initial interview. You’ve already invested in building an extraordinary organizational culture, and you’re looking for new hires who…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on September 9, 2015

Annual Review Calendar

Why Top Companies Are Ditching Annual Performance Reviews

Annual performance reviews are an antiquated practice that both employees and managers dread. Good thing they take place just once a year, right? That’s the direction many companies are moving in — they’re ditching annual performance reviews for good, and they’re ditching them in record numbers. Here’s why. Annual performance reviews are worse than a…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on September 2, 2015

crushed can

6 HR Best Practices that Crush Employee Engagement

As a profession, human resources often plays it safe, with an emphasis on compliance over innovation. After all, you’re not likely to get fired for following best practices. But that’s exactly where the problem lies. Here are 6 HR best practices that often backfire: 1. Mandatory Training and Development Training and professional development play an…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on August 31, 2015