People Analytics

People Analytics: Talent Management Evolved

People analytics is an increasingly popular approach to human resources management. According to the Wharton People Analytics Conference website, it is “a data-driven approach to managing people at work.” People analytics involves the use of both data and analysis in recruiting, hiring, promotion, leadership, performance evaluation, compensation, and other people-oriented processes. Wanting to learn more…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 27, 2015

Steps to Becoming a Better Boss

6 Simple Steps to Becoming a Better Boss

Nobody wants to be a bad boss. Most start out with aspirations of coaching the very best out of their team, playing the part of mentor, friend, and leader. It’s a difficult line to walk though, and it only becomes harder when the pressure is on. Luckily, there are some simple steps anyone can follow…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 25, 2015

Fix Engagement

How to Recognize and Fix Poor Engagement

A top employee at the illustrious ACME company just packed up her desk. She had been there for nearly a year before leaving to pursue another opportunity. Looking back on the past few months, she was showing subtle signs of disengagement all along. In her interview, Carolina blew everyone away with excellent answers and professionalism.…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 23, 2015

Decentralized Team

Why Decentralized Teams Perform Better

This might be uncomfortable to think about, but there’s a good chance management is your company’s largest bottleneck. This isn’t to say managers are bad at their jobs — far from it. But consider a small sample of the tasks commonly expected of a manager: evaluation, feedback, recognition, rewards, delegation, and task management are just…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 20, 2015

Top Secret Tips

The Best Bosses Know These Secrets, Do You?

Employee engagement is dismally low — just 13 percent, according to a global Gallup poll in 2012. The best bosses aren’t suffering from a poorly engaged workforce, though. Want to know their secrets to keeping employees engaged? Here are five we recently shared with Entrepreneur: 1. Annual rewards aren’t effective motivators. Rewards are useful, but…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 18, 2015

Psychology of Motivation

The Science of Employee Motivation

You can improve employee engagement and retention with science. Here’s how: In an attempt to discourage the brightest talent from moving on, organizational leadership regularly searches for progressive methods of engaging and retaining employees. This drive to improve employee retention and maximize productivity progressed over time to meet the changing demands of an ever-evolving workforce.…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 16, 2015


How Small Improvements Bootstrapped Its Way To Success

Small Improvements has made a striking impression in the past four years. Its customer base has doubled since early last year, growing close to 500 customers right now. And they’ve done it all without the help of venture capitalist funding. To find out more about how this Berlin-based startup was able to bootstrap its way…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 13, 2015

Employee Turnover

Turnover: Why Your New Employee Just Quit

Last year, we published an LinkedIn Pulse article titled, “You’re About to Lose The Employee You Just Hired. Here’s Why:” It told the story of Jim’s first day on the job. As he interacted with other employees, he quickly discovered that dream job he landed was actually a nightmare. If employee turnover is a problem,…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 11, 2015

SaaS Tools

SaaS Tools for Improving Company Culture

After reading Tomer Tagrin’s excellent post, “How can you measure your company culture?”, you’re now measuring e-churn, right? (We are: it’s 0%.) The great thing about Tomer’s post is that it introduces a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for your company culture. And once you can measure something, you can improve it. The question is: how?…Keep Reading

By Raphael Crawford-Marks on March 9, 2015


Productivity and the Participation Age

“Imagine a company with no departments, no corporate ladder, no promotions…and just a few written beliefs,” Chuck Blakeman challenges the audience during his TEDTalk, The Emerging Work World In The Participation Age. Chuck explores a company structure where leaders inspire productivity and enthusiastic engagement, not because their signature is on the paycheck, but because people…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 6, 2015


Peer Recognition Success at DeSmart

I’m always motivated by success stories. It’s infinitely encouraging to see leaders who care about their team, digging into the fundamentals of what motivates and engages them, and working hard to provide a supportive environment. When I read Piotr Duszyński’s blog post “How to Reward Employees? Let Them Do It Themselves” I was excited to…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 4, 2015

Clean Water Fund Logo

Charity Spotlight: Clean Water Fund

Most of us want to play a role in impacting a cause greater than ourselves. We’re proud to offer our users easy ways to help several of the world’s top charitable organizations enact major change. This month, we’d like to offer a closer look at Clean Water Fund. To find out more about what Clean…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on March 2, 2015

Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day: Once a Year?

Have you marked your calendar for Employee Appreciation Day? On March 6th, companies across the United States will take time to express appreciation for their employees. Some will buy lunch; others will throw a party; and others will hand out awards. A few might even give employees the day off, though that’s rare. Good Intentions,…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on February 27, 2015


Managing Your Smartest Employees

Congratulations! You just hired the smartest person in the room; unfortunately, you were also one of the people in that room. Here’s what you need to know about millennials entering the workforce: they might be smarter than you. Not only did a Pew Research Study last year proclaim millennials as “…the best-educated cohort of young…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on February 25, 2015

PIng Pong Table

Employee Engagement Isn’t a Ping-Pong Table

Free lunches, yoga classes and ping-pong tables are just a few perks companies provide in an effort to engage their employees. Despite often making headlines, perks are only one element of an effective employee engagement strategy. You don’t have to hire an on-site chef to motivate your employees. Increased engagement starts with understanding. Let’s look…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on February 23, 2015

Gamifying Work

Pitfalls of Workplace Gamification

Gamification is rapidly gaining popularity in management circles, but like most tools, its advantages are directly tied to its application. Without a solid strategy in place behind it, gamification may even do more harm than good. By keeping a few key concepts in mind, managers can eliminate most of the potential for adverse effects, and…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on February 13, 2015

retain bright employees

Retain Employees Longer: Podcast

Our CEO Raphael Crawford-Marks recently sat in for an interview with Tim Muma of to discuss the importance of building a culture employees will want to stick around for. Here are a few key points from the interview: The Great Divide Employee turnover is a costly issue, and it’s increasingly prevalent in the modern workplace.…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on January 23, 2015

Gamification at Work

Your employees don’t give a s*** about gamification

Gamification is a hot topic these days: 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies are using gamified platforms. The hope is that work will be more fun, employees will be more engaged, productivity will go up, and turnover will go down. Unfortunately, Gamification is likely being overused or misused in many of these companies. For knowledge…Keep Reading

By Raphael Crawford-Marks on January 15, 2015

Employee Trust

You can trust employees with peer bonuses. Here’s the data.

Can you trust employees to give peer bonuses responsibly? The idea of employees having control over recognition and bonuses is sometimes regarded with skepticism. In fact, some cite Bonusly’s high engagement numbers (90% of employees giving bonuses each month) as a sign that there might be something nefarious going on: quid pro quo bonuses. After analyzing the…Keep Reading

By Raphael Crawford-Marks on January 6, 2015


Why Would Anyone Appreciate a Micro-Bonus?

Someone recently wrote to us, “I’m interested in the idea [of Bonusly], but the bonus amounts seem trivial ($10, $20). This could seem more insulting than positive. When you can’t even buy lunch with your ‘bonus’, what’s the point of working?” A Faulty Assumption On the surface, this is a totally reasonable conclusion to jump…Keep Reading

By Raphael Crawford-Marks on November 5, 2014

Small Improvements at Bonusly

Implementing Small Improvements

Our team is guided by principles of modernizing and enhancing company cultures all across the globe. We’re always curious and excited to hear about different ways our users are leveraging Bonusly to celebrate great work and promote a positive and productive environment. It’s that curiosity that drives us to explore other innovative tools for business.…Keep Reading

By George Dickson on October 26, 2014

Employee Turnover Stress

Defining the Actual Cost of Employee Turnover

You know that losing a member of your staff costs you money, but do you know how much? It’s probably more than you think. According to a recent study by the Center for American Progress, in a best case scenario, the loss of an employee who makes less than $50,000 a year will cost a…Keep Reading

By Raphael Crawford-Marks on October 10, 2014


How To Create a Competitive Edge with an Employee Recognition Program

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Employee Recognition Program”? The company-wide e-mail you sent out that praised your top sales team? The holiday party? A not-exactly-current “Employee of the Month” plaque? Or is it more along the lines of “That management tool that I probably should use…” And then the more “important”…Keep Reading

By Raphael Crawford-Marks on August 17, 2014

Employee Turnover Calculator

The True Cost Of Employee Turnover

We’ve cultivated a system in which employees who are loyal to their companies are financially punished and those who jump ship every few years are financially rewarded. The cause? Well, one culprit is certainly antiquated HR tactics that only allows raises as a certain percentage of the employee’s current salary, regardless of external market conditions.…Keep Reading

By Raphael Crawford-Marks on July 27, 2014


Corporate Rewards

Corporate rewards are benefits offered by companies, usually to employees, partners, or customers. For employees these benefits are above and beyond base salary and other employment benefits. There are many types of corporate rewards programs: Customer loyalty rewards Sales incentives Partner rewards Manager spot bonuses Employee recognition rewards Years-of-service rewards Achievement rewards In the case…Keep Reading

By Raphael Crawford-Marks on July 24, 2014